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Robert Kaplinsky


Workshop Dates: Oct. 1, 2018 to Nov. 9, 2018 with access until Dec. 21, 2018

Format: Online

Grades: 4-12

Known for: Open Middle, problem-based lessons, blog

The two main focuses for my six-week online workshop will be implementing real world problem-based lessons, like the 70+ problems you can download for free on my website, and higher depth of knowledge problems, like the kind you see on This workshop begins by giving you solid experience with these problems from both the student and teacher perspectives. Next, you will learn how to prepare for successful lesson delivery and how to deal with some of the most challenging situations, like when a student solves a problem using a method you don’t understand. Finally, the workshop wraps up with some advanced tips including how to integrate these problems into your curriculum map and how to assess problem-based lessons. You can read more details about my course at


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